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Conserve Wyoming's wildlife, wild places, & sporting heritage

Members make a difference by supporting better wildlife populations, hunting & fishing access, and cherishing wild places in the Cowboy State. You take a stand for science-based wildlife management and advocate for the sporting heritage in Wyoming. Membership in the Wyoming Wildlife Federation means you take a stand with the oldest and most effective sporting conservation community in the state.

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“My favorite aspect of being a WWF member is that WWF uses its voice not only to advocate for hunters in new and existing legislation but also for the otherwise voiceless creatures that inhabit our great state. The field days organized by them have also been a great way for me to personally support the animals I care so deeply about. ”

Sebastian Karuza, member

Sebastian Karuza
Member, Jackson, WY

“Donating to WWF helps fund the hard work of Wyoming folks doing their best to protect our state's precious resources. As a mom of 2 little boys, I hope that they and future generations are able to enjoy everything Wyoming has to offer. I love knowing that my small contributions help shape the future of outdoor opportunities in our beautiful state!”

Annie Weisz, member

Annie Weisz
Member, Cody, WY

“I enjoy being a WWF member because it keeps me involved with local wildlife problems across the state and I get to meet incredible people that all have the same goal of keeping Wyoming wild.”

Kolton Gregory, member

Kolton Gregory
Member, Kemmerer, WY

“Being a Wyoming Wildlife Federation member gives me a voice. I am passionate about the stewardship of Wyoming’s resources and being a member of WWF connects me to an organization that has focused on this for nearly 85 years.”

Kolton Gregory, member

Havely Holt
Member, Douglas, WY

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Where does my money go?

Conserving Wyoming’s wildlife, wild places, and sporting heritage takes time, gas money, supplies for habitat improvements, and much more. Your membership dollars stay in Wyoming and support our programs. Click here to learn more about our programs.

What if it’s been less than a year since my last donation?

Your total donation amount in the past year signifies which membership benefits you will receive. For instance, if you have donated over $200 in 2021, but under $500, you will receive Mid-Mountain Membership benefits until one year from that time.

What if I want to donate, but am already a member?

Thank you for your increased interest in helping conserve Wyoming’s wildlife and wild places. If you want to continue to make an impact for more deer on the mountain or trout in our streams, please make a donation here >>

What is the difference between monthly and yearly memberships?

Monthly memberships offer monthly giveaways at the end of the month for each member. If you end monthly payments, monthly giveaways and monthly member benefits end. Yearly donations offer members a discounted rate on the rest of the member benefits minus the monthly member giveaways.

What if I am a Lifetime Member?

We sincerely appreciate all our dedicated Lifetime Members. As such, all basic member benefits will be available to our past Lifetime Members in perpetuity. Lifetime Memberships will no longer be offered.

Will I still receive a bunch of fundraising emails?

New in 2022, members can personalize what fundraising emails they would like to receive. Whether you like to discover all the fun ways to fundraise, would rather only receive Commissioner License raffle information, or would like to hold off on fundraising emails entirely, you now have that option.

How do I cancel my membership?

Ready to end monthly memberships and go to one-time payments or something similar? No problem. Email with the subject “Cancel Membership” and our staff will take care of it promptly.

For further questions, please call the WWF office at (307) 335-8633 or email

For further questions, please call the WWF office at (307) 335-8633 or email